Testimonials and opinions of parents

„Levebee works perfectly - my boys have made amazing progress in the past few weeks. Their teachers at school are finally satisfied with their knowledge.“

Alice S.

„We are generally satisfied with the app as a whole. The registration process was easy and intuitive.  My grandson, who can’t read yet, learns with Levebee by playing games and likes it a lot. There’s really nothing I could complain about. I definitely recommend the app.“


„So far, we really like the app, my daughter in particular. I appreciate the idea of motivating users through collecting stickers and creating illustrations with them :) and self-evaluation smileys. The exercises themselves are fun and engaging for my daughter but the stickers really keep her motivated.“

Monika J.

„We’ve been using Levebee for only a few weeks now. When we discovered it, we were thrilled. My son is more focused and eager to study on the computer rather than from textbooks. He’s also very excited to collect rewards :-))) 

So far, we haven’t found any ‘glitches’.

Thank you very much for the app and we wish you good luck in developing it.“

Alena Paterová

„A teacher from school recommended Levebee to me. I’m pleased with it and, most importantly, my son loves it. It’s unbelievable. Throughout the year he didn’t want to do any of his homework assignments but now he actually volunteered to do an extra assignment in Levebee!!!“

Petra V.

„Levebee is very interesting for my students. They gladly practise and even ask for more exercises. They don’t complain when I announce ‘studying time’. On the contrary, they’re happy and excited. From my point of view, the possibility of changing the difficulty of exercises and customising them to each student individually is highly valuable.“

Aneta Starzyk

„We live in the XXI century and so, everybody has access to the Internet on a phone, computer or tablet. Instead of various games, one can install Levebee. It will provide children with entertainment and education (...). For my daughter, Lusia, practising with Levebee is like playing a game. She receives points for doing exercises and exchanges them for stickers. She uses them to create her own posters like zoo, winter etc. That form of rewarding is very motivational.“

Kamila Bernaś

„Levebee is very intuitive. As a result, neither parents nor children need instructions. Collecting honeycombs by the student for each exercise turned out to be a brilliant incentive. They can be exchanged for collections of stickers in the app’s ‘shop’. Parents can check their children’s results and keep up to date with their progress.

The app allows every child to practise anytime they feel like it and, most importantly, at their own pace… without involving the parent too much :)“

Anna Szymańska

„Thank you very much for this great app. My daughter is really excited about it. She never wanted to study but now she is actually excited to learn with Levebee. I also teach in a primary school where I use Levebee. It is an amazing app for all children, especially for those with learning disabilities. Thank you very much and I wish you more great ideas.“

Šárka Ruprichová

„As a teacher, I don't use the computer much but I wanted to implement some new technology in the classroom. After trying a few apps, we liked Levebee the most. It’s intuitive, instructions are clear and I appreciate the possibility of setting difficulty levels in exercises. The voice actress has an encouraging and kind voice which motivates my students a lot. 

Thank you very much for this helpful teaching tool.“

L. Baránková

„Levebee works great for us and we enjoy it.
I'm satisfied and I wouldn’t change anything about the app - your exercises are fun and most importantly they change. It’s great that we always have a different exercise.
We learned about Levebee at school from a teacher who explained and showed us everything. And since then, Levebee has become our everyday friend with whom we learn and play.“

J. Bříšková

„My daughter really likes the program and is excited to do exercises. She thinks it’s a game. I can see a great improvement after only one week. I definitely recommend Levebee to all children who struggle with studying like my daughter does.
We are both really grateful to the creators of the program. I will tell my friends about it.“

Lenka N.

„I am excited about the possibilities that this app has for our EU students and the benefits that it can have on their education.“

Sam Honeywill - South Gloucestershire and Stroud College Programme leader